35mm home-processed Kodak film negative scan: This one happened…

35mm home-processed Kodak film negative scan:

This one happened just by being at the right time and right place. I had set out to shoot a series of specific shots for a few dear supportive friends that meant a lot to me and this one was the first one of the series. My friend J and I had been working on several collaborations and geometrical concepts and psychology was the base of some. So in dedication, I shot this one at a specific angle away from direct noon sun and towards an architectural incline. The rest of the planning was geometric imagination since it’s film.
I was able to compose a cube under a box, square under rings and circles along with some added planetary symbology under a rectangular marker. This was a precious moment and absolutely cherished the feeling after development. 3 different versions were taken but these multiple exposures came out best. Photo was taken at the LA River.
35mm multiple exposure.

©auxiliofaux, 2012