Category: darkness



Darkness soars through tired mountains, through lonesome plains.

In the blind of the night when everything has died, only the black remains.

When voices sing in distant skies, a song unto goodbye,

All the children sleep, gravely deep in their final lullaby.

The darkness grew like forests vast, the eventide an endless gloom.

Slumbering ancient tombs, rising born from its womb.

And lovers mourn in haunting tones, tones of forlorn.

The rose withered in winter unknown, leaving them a thorn.

© Aniket More


A City Of Promises Made But Not Kept

I wait here, in the dark of my heart, under the oak tree.

I wait here, in the ache of aeons, under broken promises of thee.

Silence overwhelms my pain so vast, endless woes, lament has trespassed.

Nights haunt me with my past, my arms open for the anomalous at last.

© Aniket More


Old Gods

Sleep, uneasy on tired winds of inebriated pleasures.

Become the thin line between sacred and sunset.

Recite from the tales of abyss and forgotten years, of tyrant skies and broken ties.

Settle where the silence lies, unspoken but not compromised.

Search for the lost presence of the absent mind.

What you don’t understand is real even if you don’t belong here.

In the ruins of tomorrow when I become death shall my grave read :

‘When the pole star is close and the winds northern blow.

On my grave will then the black dahlias grow.

When the year is ripe sullen than the moonless night,

Shall I rise from the great death, darkness and I will unite.’

© Aniket More


Hello, My Name Is Sorrow

Haunted and wounded, I sleep in my mother’s embrace.

The ghosts don’t speak to me anymore of our once golden days.

In terrible voices and tragic memories comes the black of my night,

The dark talking through war landscapes, death acts strangely contrite.

I bury my hands in the past of tomorrow,

A cue to forget her who I call sorrow.

How old is this tremor that has held me in my misery,

I leave it all behind for the world, a world so hungry and empty.

My mother, she calls to me, in sleep and lost echoes,

To the end of the land where she stands in ghastly spread meadows.

© Aniket More


Darkness is a name lost in forevermore, bestowed upon the chosen one that slumbers in cthulhu’s dreams.

Aniket More


Midnight Tales

I have yet to see the darkest time which waits in silence beneath.

In moonlight, marble white,

my fears feast on deceit.

When silver stars, my heart wears,

I find myself pondering deep.

On broken skies when midnight flies,

loneliness slowly creeps.

© Aniket More




The sun is out and it’s a beautiful day but the darkness will always stay.

Aniket More


An Ode To The Lord Of The Sea

Oh dear lord of the sea, only if I could write to thee of the great silence within, of turmoil pickings and grand distress.

Oh dear lord of the sea, only if I could write to thee of strange tides, the dark of the horizon where the sun collides while you swallow it viciously.

Oh dear lord of the sea, only if could write to thee of a starless sky, the scent of someone unknown in disguise and the sinking lull of thee.

Oh dear paramount of tyranny, only if you could speak to me whilst I build a temple of doom and malign as an ode to thee, my ever receding lord of the sea.

© Aniket More