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Reality lies beneath the tenfolds of death, life is only a lie.

Aniket More


Your Heart Is My Grave

I am dusk settling in you, an endless night begins.

I am teeth gnawing at you, your pale tender skin.

I am a cloudless sky, limitless yet empty.

I am a long lost cry, once your tear but now an absentee.

I am the end of the sea where we were supposed to meet.

I am a battle within myself slowly accepting defeat.

I am distance, growing between you and me.

I am a memory, fading and darkening when our hearts were dying and we differed to agree.

© Aniket More


Of Love And Posion

A nameless face sings to me of death and post agony.

Like flowers of needles and remorseless maidens my heart is breaking to this dark symphony.

Tired arms coldly wrap around me consoling me of lost eden.

Like her breath on my neck and her teeth through my skin, her love is purely heathen.

The breeze once hush now a raging storm lifting her orbs so somber.

Like a death wish in a smile spilling my blood to keep her mine, setting my sun in the sky so amber.

This ageless turmoil and her caliginous whispers, a beauty fouled as she fell from grace.

How must I survive love and death from this bewitching nameless face?

© Aniket More


God, am I only a subject of birth, maturation and decay?

Aniket More


The Dead Need No Flowers

In the very beginning of what I’d call the end, I am brought alone to a ghastly place far away from my home.

I’m very aware of the consequences of my delirious nature and I also know that I’m yet another human subject to a grave stone.

In the very beginning of what I’d call hope, I have found despair in the corner of my heart where your hands couldn’t reach.

If I have to choose what I’d want to be today, I would choose to be numb and bring silence to my speech.

In the very beginning when I’d expect myself to be brave, I have found fear, the one that’s insisting to stay.

Amongst all odds, all macabre, all dread and all dark, my eyes beg to pray.

In the very beginning of when I thought I would live a little longer, I am dying at a slow pace, a morbid character at display.

And in my final moments when i’m expected to lie down in fabric and sleep, here I am lonely and flying away.

© Aniket More



Of all things strange and dark, I beckon an unsightly form.

Of all things abysmal and fearful, I call upon the deformed.

And when the night is young, my ghost is born.

An abominable whisper leading a world so forlorn.

Of all things ghastly, I destroy what I like.

I reap what I sow, an end to the beginning when I thought I was infinite.

Although my part is done yet I’m left to yearn,

As a lifeless man, that my ghost cannot discern.

© Aniket More




I am, indeed an illusion of what I’d expect to be real, because reality is only a measure of death and other things unimportant.

Aniket More


Oh Sweet Death!

Sing to me for my time is nigh.

Sing to me my final lullaby.

Sing to me until I die.

Sing to me while I leave you to cry.

© Aniket More


Farewell, Life

The night and it’s calling, a trepidation, the beating of the heart, rising and falling.

My heart, once a temple of salvation, now in ruins.

The end of all and it’s coming, the surge of darkness and it’s becoming.

There is remorse in what I have left behind.

A violent dream and its recurring, rivers of black tears have drowned my sorrow.

I bid farewell to the dearest, the oldest and the truest of my people, a goodbye not in words.

The winds of grief are blowing, reminding me that I can’t wake again.

A stormy night visits my grave but I’m not there, I don’t exist.

© Aniket More