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Experimental Film Demo [University Project]

A short video that my group and I put together for our experimental film pitch. Highlighting the different themes that we hoped to portray in our final film.

Make sure you also check that out if you haven’t already! (I shared a post with it not long ago)

There is nothing left to write
Every word has been spoken
Every sentence has been molded
Every story has been told
So how am i supposed to write?

The poems about dancing have been laced together and overdone
The poems about love are cliche and unrelatable for me
The poems about goals and aspirations have given me false hopes
The poems about overcoming anxiety haven’t gotten me out of this room
So how am I supposed to write?

The music I have listened to gave me some inspiration
But it only feels like a sad copy; nothing of my own
The pictures I look at spill ideas to me
But it only lasts a minute, then the picture is gone
So how am i supposed to write?

I look to my everyday life for inspiration
But I spend most of every day in bed, waiting for the pain to surpass
Or maybe I am just lazy and I use my anxiety and depression to hide behind
At this point
I couldn’t tell you which one is happening
So how am I supposed to write?

Writing use to come to me so naturally
Words would just flow into beautiful statements
And those who read them would cry
Now my words are so empty
So why am I still writing?





Our life together is turning into re-runs;
marathons of déjà vu,
no studio audience to fill the empty space.
Even when it’s different, it’s the same.

The walls start to close in…
My heart races a little bit faster than normal…
I forget to breathe..
Tears form..
And I’m not always able to form words.
Words are racing in my head a mile a minute…
Things start to not make sense..
Fear starts to grow…
My hands start to shake.
Curl into a ball.
Try to get through it.
That’s my anxiety..
That’s the thing that haunts me…
“Get over it , calm yourself “
“It’s not that big of a deal”
Words coming from ones who have never had to deal with such a demon
It’s not that easy
It’s terrifying
So have the patience, understand
Be there and don’t judge
I didn’t ask for this…
It kind of just happened.

– Orchidmoon23

my love.

go inside my heart, and
you will find flowers there.

my love.

go inside my heart
and water each one of them.

my love.

remind them that you love me and
that i am lovely.

that you are the gardener of my soul.

my love.

remind them that every time they wilt—
they will always bloom again.

my love.
my love.
my love.

allow me to enter inside your heart,
and i will do the same for your flowers there.